You are on the first platform that enables launching responsible boycott and buycott campaigns

The purpose is to offer citizens a tool that allows them to act in a concrete way against big economical actors that are behind ethical scandals.
I-boycott.org is a platform that allows building a richer and more responsible link between consumers ans companies.

A numeric tool developed and maintained by the organisation : I-buycott

I-buycott is a french non-profit organisation (under the the law of 1901), created in 2015 and carried by a team of enthusiastic volunteers whose ambition is to democratise the boycott and the buycott.

The three pillars of I-boycott

The three pillars of I-boycott

I boycott, therefore we are

Boycotting is a practical form of contest that has proved its efficiency many times. It's a peaceful form of communication that expresses itself through our consumption. Faced with the scandalous practices of some big multinatiionals, the consumer can choose not to buy anymore to show his opposition.

A contrario, companies that work in an ethical, social or eco-friendly framework will be put forward. The consumer can simply decide not to buy a product coming from the company or brand in question to mark his opposition. Already popularised at the domestic level, it is by being all united that the boycott reveals its true power.


The buycott : the right alternative

The buycott, or buying and consumming for ethical reasons is the ideal aternative to the boycotted products. Let's consume responsibly to give support to companies or brands acting in an ethically responsible way..

"Every time you spend money, you're casting a vote for the kind of world you want", Anna Lappé

For a direct democracy in the economy

With I-boycott.org, consumers have the means to be an important force against companies involved in an ethical scandal. It's a real power that they possess with which they can introduce a "sharing of the economy" between brands and consumers. Thereby, I-boycott.org is a tool available to consumers and associative structures.

We can all together confront economical actors involved in unethical and controversial practices. We can through our purchasing power make the economy more humane, and take decisions for our world to initiate a direct democracy in the economy..


The mobile app : BuyOrNot

This application, also developed by I-buycott allows bar code and QR code scans of labelled products.
In order to fetch the impacts on health as well as impacts on society of any of those products.
About nutritional information, BuyOrNot use the database provided Open Food Facts that is crowdsourced, open and free.
About society side, it is plugged on I-boycott.org to receive information about ongoing boycott campaigns that are proned to concern scanned products.

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