Buying is voting for the kind of world we want

  • "You can carry on grumbling we can't do anything to improve the situation, or you can take a look on this site"Guillaume Meurice, French humorist and radio reporter at FranceInter

A free civic platform is a participatory platform gathering acts of benevolent boycott around campaigns

Alternatives are also recommended to products targeted by boycotts : we call it buycott.

A collective dynamic

A powerful tool for an open dialogue

Together we can encourage companies to make their practicies evolve.

  • "The benevolent boycott is a revolution in the way we connect with the brands and represents a powerful tool to support our fight"VIDA, Non-profit organisation for the protection of animals and nature
  • "I-boycott, the tool 2.0 that aims at intimidating corporations"Europe 1, French private radio station
  • "Petit Navire cares about the message delivered on and defends the idea of an open dialogue"Amaury DUTREIL, CEO of french company Petit Navire
  • ", the project that could make big corporations shiver"BFM Business, French private radio station
  • "Nigloland's management had been ignoring us for years, but our mobilisation has paid off"AVES France, Non-profit organisation for the protection of endangered species
  • "The boycott campaign marked the beginning of a fight and turned out to be one of the most powerful weapon amongst all"Former workers of Philips

A counter-power generator

Every citizens and organisations can create or take part in a boycott campaign simply by creating an account.



Are you outraged by a company's practices?

Create a campaign to make it evolve.



Describe your campaign to define its range and impact.

Choose a threshold from which the company will be informed.



Better your campaign by taking the opinions into account.

It has to reach 1000 boycotters in 1 month to be published.



Make use of the internet's virality and its social media

The more boycotters, the better.



The company is informed once the threshold is reached.

Its response is communicated to the boycotters.



The boycotters can vote whether to maintain their action.

If the majority stops their boycott, the campaign is ended.

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