How it works

Boycott and buycott is an open, free and participatory civic platform which object is to promote responsible consumption.
The aim is to create boycott campaigns to target companies, to give meaning to every individual action by granting them a common platform.

Among other things, this allows to ask the company to open a dialogue, wishing that it will lead to a change in practises.
As well as raising awareness among as much consumer as possible while offering them and allowing them to propose alternatives.
It is an open door toward consumption for ethical reasons : the buycott.

Non-profit organisations can also carry these campaigns while a team of influencer who joined the Social Heroes Alliance make them grow through their network.


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The different kinds of actors


Every citizen can create an account in order to launch a new civic campaign which will go through incubation before being fast-tracked.
They can also join existing campaigns and participate to their incubation by evaluating them.
When the company gives an answer they will have the possibility to choose to maintain their boycott or not.

In addition to boycotting, they can also offer alternatives to other consumers.

Non-profit Organisations

Non-profit organisations registered on the platform can also create campaigns. Those ones are instantly fast-tracked and visible by all.
They can also join existing campaigns, created by a citizen or another organisation, as a mentor. Hence, more than one organisation can appear on a campaign.Plusieurs associations pourront donc apparaître sur une campagne.


Influencers can join the Social Heroes Alliance by contacting the team.
It is a symbiosis which helps them and opening up their visibility by sharing their community.
A page on is dedicated to them and they are sollicitated to communicate about important campaigns.


Companies targeted by campaigns are contacted by the team and receive access to the platform to give a response to boycotters.


Donators financially support the I-buycott association which allows all of its tools including and the app buyOrNot to continue.
To donate come this way.

How does a boycott campaign work?

  • 1


  • 2


  • 3


    More than 10 days
  • 4


  • 5

    Intervention of the company

  • 6


    7 days

Step 1 : The launch

You want to act against an economical scandal ?
A responsible boycott campaign enables every scandalised person to unite and every individual action to be part of a collective dynamic to make the targetted company evolve..

Step 2 : Describe your campaign

The campaign's description will define its range and impact.
The campaign must be redacted responsibly, with benevolence and objectivity.
The picture, the description and the sources are three important factors of a campaign..

See our guide on how to redact a campaign

Step 3 : Incubation

Your campaign is not immediately published. It will enter an incubation period composed of 3 steps :

  1. Consolidation : It will be submitted to the votes and criticisms of I-boycott's community during 10 days. The goal is to consolidate the campaign
  2. Modification : The author takes into account a minimum of 15 comments then pushes his modified campaign to step 3
  3. Selection : The campaign must reach 1000 boycotters in 1 month to be published

Step 4 : Spread your campaign

It's time to make use of the virality of the internet and its social media.
Boycotting is a power used individually in a collective dynamic. A perfect tool in the digital era.

Step 5 : The company's response

Once the boycotter threshold is reached, the company is informed.
It can then provide its response which will be communicated to all boycotters.

Step 6 : The boycotters' decision will relay the response to all boycotters who will be able to vote whether to end the boycott.
If the majority of the boycotters stops their boycott, the campaign will cease.
Otherwise it will be maintained and the company will be able to respond more convincingly.
Democracy is respected.

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