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Faced with the scandalous practices of some big multinatiionals, the consumer can choose not to buy anymore to show his opposition and push the company to evolve. On the contrary, the buycott supports companies that work in an ethical, social or eco-friendly framework.

I-buycott is a french non-profit organisation (under the the law of 1901), created in 2015 and carried by a team of enthusiastic volunteers whose ambition is to democratise the boycott and the buycott. is a participatory platform, developed by I-buycott, that enables the creation and organisation of boycott campaigns in order to change the behaviour of companies, and buycotts, in order to promote companies that make ethics their policy's dna.

As an integral part of our freedom of expression, boycotting is a concrete form of protest which has already proved its effectiveness many times in the past. It is an efficient and peaceful tool that affects the two pillars of our consumer society: branding and money.

For the campaign to be effective, the products or services proposed by the target company have to be shown to the consumers, reasons have to be well-founded and sourced, and finally, demands have to be clear and achievable.

Online petitions and are vectors of change.
However, the difference lies in the degree of commitment and the distribution of power.
When we sign a petition, we give our consent to its creator so that he can challenge political authorities with enough weight. The creator of the petition concentrates the power.
On I-boycott, boycotters are active in the process. They commit to modifying their consumption to make companies understand that they should change their unethical practices. Depending on the copany's response, they vote whether to stop the boycott campaign. The decision makers are the boycotters. The power is individual but part of a collective dynamic. The mechanism respects the principle of direct democracy.

Boycotting and the call to boycott are not subject to any specific legal regime because they are embedded in broader principles of freedom of expression and opinion. They are allowed, and only an abuse of these freedoms can be a cause of conviction.

In order to not be influenced and preserve our integrity, the one and only funding source of is through donation. is a citizen counter-power, supported by citizens.

You can support by creating, joining and/or communicating on the campaigns.
You can also support through donations. please see our support page. notre page de soutien.

Help for campaign creators

To create a campaign, go to the « launch » page of the campaigns section at the top.

The boycott campaign has to be benevolent and well-documented. You'll be asked to give at least two reliable sources.

This threshold can be set between 1000 and 10000 boycotters. It is the number of people you want to mobilise before notifying the target company and initiating the dialogue.
- If you choose « 3000 », your campaign will officially be published and sent to the company when 3000 boycotters will have joined the campaign.
- You can set the threshold of boycotters by basing it on the company's size. The bigger the company, the more boycotter will have to be mobilised.
Once the threshold is reached, the target company is automatically notified about your demands and a dialogue is engaged.

You can redact your campaign with a lot of freedom but always keeping in mind the principle of benevolence. Here are a few tips that can help you write it the best way possible.
-Describe clearly your boycott call's purpose and the reason for it.
-Explain the goal of your campaign in a benevolent way : reasons have to be well-defined and expressed. Demands should be clear, constructive and realistic and the sources reliable. Don't forget that this campaign aims to establish a constructive dialogue with the company in order to result in a change.-Keep in mind the 4 golden rules : No counterfeit, defamation, denigration or discrimination.
-One keyword : Respect. Dot not harass nor call for hate and/or violence. Be careful not to use inappropriate speech, and do not make up facts.
- Un maître-mot : le respect. Pas de harcèlement, ni d’appel à la haine et/ou à la violence, veillez à ne pas utiliser un discours inapproprié, et n’inventez pas des faits.

Help for boycotters

Click on « Campaigns > Join » at the top of this page.

Creating an account is an act of authentication. Please fill in your informations and a nickname to keep your anonymity. It is also a necessary step to foster the community spirit of I-boycott.

Many reason can cause this. Check the followings:- If you created an account using an email address, did you validate your account?
- Search for the validation email in your spams as well as in the "promotions" tab for those who use GMAIL.
- Cherchez bien le mail de validation dans vos spams / courriers indésirables ainsi que sur l’onglet "promotions" pour ceux qui ont GMAIL.

Once created, the boycott campaign enters the incubation period.
The goal is to gather collective intelligence in order to better the boycott campaigns and to report the ones that do not respect the principles of benevolence of our platform.
The end of this period indicates the official publication of the campaign.

Once the company has responded, the campaign enters the voting phase. An email informs all boycotters about the company's response and allows them to vote.
New boycotters can't vote but they are put on a waiting list. If the campaign stays maintained, boycotters on the waiting list can join the campaign. They will then have a right to vote on the next response of the company.
If the majority of boycotters choose to lift the boycott, the campaign ends. Otherwise it is maintained, a new threshold is set and boycotters in the waiting list join the campaign.

By joining a published campaign, you will be able to promote or vote for alternatives to the products. You can give up to 3 alternatives.

Help for companies

When your company responds to a boycott camapign, the campaign is suspended and it enters the voting phase. The number of boycotter cannot increase anymore. All boycotters will receive your response by email and it will also be shown on the campaign.
Boycotters will thus be able to vote the lifting of the campaign. If the majority accepts your response, the boycott campaign ends. Otherwise, the campaign continues and you can try to convince them.

Boycotters that were convinced by the first response will still be counted on the upcoming votes. The votes are calculated based on all boycotters that voted since the beginning of the campaign.

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